Refrains, Acclamations & Hymns for the Assembly - the Downloadable files

How do I view and print .PDF files? 
All music scores published here are in .PDF files (Adobe Portable Document Files).
Though created originally in Finale, available here as .PDF files they can be view and printed with Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is free software and can be downloaded and installed from: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html. Note: Adobe Reader is also available in versions to download and view .PDF files on the Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

How do I play MP3 music files? 
Windows' Media Player and Apple's QuickTime Player will both play MP3 files. One or both will typically be already installed on most computers. Windows' Media Player is part of Windows' operating system and QuickTime is available at: 
http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ . These reasonably accurate MP3 music files are not recordings, but are generated by Finale from the notation scores, using vocal "Ah"s instead of words for the SAB choral harmonies, and are accompanied with a piano sound patch. Actual tempos used will depend on acoustics, room size and one's musical tastes.

How do I return back to this page? Click on the Back Arrow of your browser to return to this page after listening to an MP3 file. Close (or minimalize) Adobe Reader to return to this page after viewing/printing any score. If your score appears distorted, magnify image to full size. When you print out your score on your printer from Adobe Reader the image should be as sharp and clear as if printed from Finale.

Click on any Finale
generated MP3 to hear a composition.
Click on any PDF score below and it will be available for printing. Permission is required for legal free use in worship. Compositions must be reprinted unaltered with the copyright notice.

REFRAINS (2) - Baptized We Share in Christ's Death & Springs of Water Bless the Lord (with optional Baptismal verses for SAB vocal ensembe)
MP3 REFRAIN - I Saw Water Flowing (Vidi Aquam - Baptism and Sprinkling Rite with verses for SAB vocal ensemble)
MP3 REFRAIN - You Are Christ, the Lord, the True Son of God (Eucharist - music setting same as L.M.S. 5a. When we eat this bread...)
MP3 REFRAIN - Jesus, Lord, We Give Thanks to You (Eucharist - music setting same as L.M.S. 4a. Holy, Holy...)
MP3 REFRAIN - Jesus' Mercy, Wash Over Me (Healing, anointings, Divine Mercy)
MP3 REFRAIN - "Hodie Christus Natus Est" based on Noel Nouvelet for assembly and SAB vocal ensemble (music setting same as L.M.S. 4b. Holy, Holy...)
MP3 REFRAIN - "Blessed be God Forever" for assembly with SAB vocal ensemble for the reception of the Holy Oils - Holy Saturday

MP3 The Christmas Proclamation (1994 USCCB version) - set to refrain for the assembly based on Noel Nouvelet - verses scored for vocal ensemble set to the SAB Formulary Tones 1 & 2
MP3 The Complete Good Friday Reproaches - set to 3 refrains for the assembly
with the verses scored for vocal ensemble set to the SAB Formulary Tones 1 & 2

REMINDER - Free use in worship when permission is requested and confirmation is received.  All musical notation currently published here, including texts, are someone's intellectual property (unless noted as public domain) and are registered under U.S. Copyright; but, are available for free use in worship when permission is received. Scores published here can be accessed and previewed immediately as .PDF files ready for printing -or- listened to as Finale generated MP3 audio files; but, require permission for legal copying and use in worship. Click here to request the legal permission for free use in worship.

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