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Music composed for singing the Roman Catholic Mass, available on-line, for free use in worship when permission
is obtained (see details below).  All music settings of Mass texts published here are published with the approval of
the Committee on the Liturgy, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, for use in the United States.

Lyric Mass Suite
Refrains, Acclamations &
Hymns for the Assembly
Choral Compositions
the CAROLS & Vocal Solos



You are invited to preview any of these compositions. The Lyric Mass Suite is an ongoing work in progress. It is a suite, or collection, of interconnected musical settings of the English Mass texts, for a congregation, with optional SAB vocal ensemble. Most of these settings were conceived with modular melodic motifs which at most require only minor re-sequencing to be able to support both the approved 1973 ICEL text and the newly approved 2008 ICEL text. The versions published here are strictly limited to only the USCCB approved music settings of the 1973 ICEL texts. When approved by the USCCB, the other versions of the same musical settings set to the new 2008 texts will also be available here. In addition to the Lyric Mass Suite, other compositions are available on this website. Download and view or print out any of the scores as .PDF files -or- listen to the Finale generated MP3 files located on any of the four areas of this web site.

Free use in worship when permission is obtained:  All musical notation currently published here, including texts, are someone's intellectual property (unless noted as public domain) and are registered under U.S. Copyright; but, are available for free use in worship when permission is obtained. Scores published here can be accessed and previewed immediately as .PDF files ready for printing -or- listened to as Finale generated MP3 audio files; but, require permission for legal copying and use in worship. Click here to request the legal permission for free use in worship.

All of the music compositions available through www.MusicForMass.org were composed as solutions to various needs encountered in music ministry and are part of a continuing composition project by Daryel Nance, Music Director, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Houston, Texas (Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston). After receiving requests for the use of this music from musicians elsewhere, it became apparent that this web site would be a means to publish and share my intellectual property, while remaining under the legal protection of the established system of copyright, as I do retain and maintain my legal claim of copyright to my body of creative work.

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