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Why this permission agreement?

i.) These English texts of the Roman Catholic Mass are owned and administrated by ICEL (International Committee on English in the Liturgy) or by ICET (International Consultation on English Texts). The use of these owned Mass texts is currently granted to me free of charge, providing I do not charge for their use.  Should I charge a fee for use of ICET's or ICEL's texts, it will be necessary to renegotiate ICEL's agreement with me. 

ii.) All creative work of Daryel A. Nance published on this website, both music and texts as indicated, is the intellectual property of Daryel A. Nance, for which his claim of copyright is registered with the United States Copyright Office of the Library of Congress.  Wishing to maintain my claim of copyright, I, Daryel A. Nance, am obligated to administer my permission for the control of the copying, distribution, modification and the subsequent use of my creative intellectual property. This obligation to administer my creative works exists even though I have no personal interest at present in receiving monetary  compensation from the copying or use of my music or texts published on this website, when this music is both used for worship and is not reprinted in any manner that is offered for sale. This free use agreement for my creative intellectual property published on this website IN NO WAY RELEASES my creative intellectual property into public domain. Further questions or permission for any other uses must be requested and negotiated separately. E-mail:  MusicForMass@swbell.net  or office phone: 713-663-3539.

REQUEST for PERMISSION to use in worship, without payment,
copyrighted music and texts from www.MusicForMass.org :  

First, you will probably want to print out the music scores (found on other pages of this website) which you are considering using. Review these music scores and determine which items you want to use for worship. To legally use the copyrighted music compositions from www.MusicForMass.org in worship, and to make multiple copies for your parish church music ministry, you must send an e-mail to dnance@svdp-edu.org requesting permission to copy and use music scores from this website for worship in your parish church.  You will receive an e-mail reply very quickly acknowledging your permission for your use.

Basically what you are going to do is:
i.)   Highlight and copy the section below named "COPY THIS SECTION",
ii.)  Open a new e-mail and paste this section into a new blank e-mail,
iii.) Type in your answers to the information questions,
and type in a subject for your e-mail.
iv.) Finally click on send.
You may want to print out this page to have it beside you for reference while you do these 4 steps.

Let's begin:
i.) With your left mouse button, hold and drag your cursor, highlighting the complete
    "COPY THIS SECTION" below. Next right click, and then left click on "Copy".

---------- COPY THIS SECTION -----------

Please type in the following information:
  1.) Your name:
  2.) Your church's name:

  3.) What you do (your responsibility or position) within your music ministry:

  4.) Your church's mailing address (street, city, state and zip):

  5.) How can you be contacted (phone number, e-mail address, etc.):

  6.) What is today's date:

  7.) List the music items you plan to use (for example, collectively just type "the Lyric Mass Suite", or "refrains and  acclamations for the worshiping assembly", or name individual compositions); take as much space as you need:

I, the named above in item "1.", am requesting permission to use the music composition/s listed above in item "7." without payment, in worship. In sending this e-mail I acknowledge that all of the information is correct to the best of my knowledge, and that I, in good faith have read and I agree to, the terms described here on this web page in order to have permission to legally use this music for worship. The Terms of this "Free Use Permission": Music and text published on www.MusicForMass.org, where so indicated, is the creative intellectual property of Daryel A. Nance and the claim of copyright is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress.  Music scores obtained from this website may be legally copied with the content unaltered, with copyright information intact,  for use in worship,  currently free of charge:
   i.)   IF  PERMISSION IS REQUESTED by some responsible person at the parish church of use (the USER),
   ii.)  AND that person RECEIVES AND RETAINS A REPLY from Daryel A. Nance (www.MusicForMas.org). 

Completion of this request and reply implies an agreement exists to the terms described herein between the USER, named in item "1." above, and Daryel A. Nance (www.MusicForMass.org); further Daryel A. Nance reserves the right at a future time to terminate this agreement at such time that Daryel A. Nance (www.MusicFor Mass.org) ceases to grant permission for free use of the requested music score/s, or whenever Daryel A. Nance no longer owns the right to copy a specific composition/s (i.e.: reassignment of copyright), or at such time that any other text or music owner's claim to their own intellectual property requiring that this free use permission be terminated, or for any other reason not apparent at this time.  (I, Daryel A. Nance,  can only give my permission for the use of what I own, while I continue to own it, unless I should choose, for reasons not apparent at this time, or reasons beyond my control, to no longer offer my permission to freely copy and use these compositions in worship.)  Use by a parish or church for a religious concert is included in "free use in worship".  This free use agreement for my creative intellectual property published on this website IN NO WAY RELEASES my creative intellectual property into public domain.

Republishing scores in books, collections, and making copies for sale: Music scores obtained here (www.MusicForMass.org) MAY NOT legally be reprinted in any publication that is intended for sale - within the scope of this simple free use permission. Permission for this and any other uses must be requested and negotiated separately. Contact information: e-mail  MusicForMass@swbell.net  music office phone: 713-663-3539.

----- (END - COPY THIS SECTION) ------

ii.)    Now CLICK HERE   MusicForMass@swbell.net   to open a new e-mail.
        In that new e-mail, you will right click, and then left click on "Paste".
iii.)  Then type in the answers to all of your information questions. Next type a subject
        in the subject line of your e-mail (
iv.)  Finally left click on "Send".

When you are finished, you will close your e-mail software (MS Outlook, etc.) and return to the main page. 
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